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A Simple Guide to Mesa 2

latest revision: September 26, 1999

Welcome! I hope to guide you through the world of Mesa 2 for OS/2. Mesa 2 is a spreadsheet for OS/2. For die-hard OS/2 bigots who care about development and support, it is arguably the spreadsheet for OS/2. The present development of Mesa 2 is being done by Sundial Systems Corporation.

Suggestions? Feel free to send them to

----------------Sundial and Friends----------------

Mesa 2 for OS/2

This is the Mesa 2 for OS/2 home page at Sundial Systems Corporation. There's good sales information, yeah, but there's also an interesting Mesa 2 FAQ at this site. You can download a working model from here.

Mesa 2 Download Links

This is a list of places to get Mesa 2. It's worth a look if California is on the other side of the world from you.

J. Daniel Kulp's Home Page

I don't know if one person or one hundred people have been responsible for Mesa 2. However, if you need support, the line goes through Dan. His home page is home to the Mesa 2 AddIn Object Kit and the Mesa 2 Toolbar Customizer. In addition, it is home of the SeaHaven Towers for OS/2 solitaire card game.

Reviews, Announcements, and Old Links

I'm letting this serve as a timeline of reviews and news about Mesa 2. If you have some links to add to it, let me know. It's not easy to find needles of Mesa 2 in a haystack of MesaGL libraries, Costa Mesa (California), Mesa (Arizona), and Mesa Boogie amplifiers.

--------------My Friends' Worksheets--------------

My Friends' Worksheets (7 documents)

This is a collection of useful workbooks by J. Daniel Kulp, Judith Russell, Jim Larson, Bob Babcock, Dwight Scott Miller, and Rolf Lochbühler. Contributions are always welcome.

------------------My Experiments------------------

A Somewhat Thorough MScript Reference

updated September 19, 1999

I'm revising my MScript Reference for Mesa 2 version 2.2. Let me know if you have any explanations or snippets of code to contribute.

Flight of the AutoSum

This my a description of what the AutoFormulas do.  It uses the AutoSum button as an example.  It's cool, and I think it's on the mark.

Simple Math AddIn DLL (spreadsheet functions)

This is my set of custom spreadsheet functions for Mesa 2 2.2.

A Tour of the Keys

This is the first of my series of tutorials on Mesa 2. I explain the Keys controls in Mesa 2 2.2 and the related controls in Mesa 2 2.1.6.

-------------------My Worksheets------------------

My Worksheets (12 documents)

Here is a collection of my Mesa 2 workbooks, including my number game for Mesa 2.

-------------------Screen Shots-------------------

Mesa 2 2.2 (conservative look)

Mesa 2 2.2 PreRelease 6 (enhanced with Palettes)

Mesa 2 2.1.6 (with Mesa Toolbar Customizer)


Opinion (3 documents)

Right now, it's an explanation of black toolbar buttons and a page that explains why I use Mesa 2. I've also added a page about the first year of this site.

------------------Related Topics------------------

You might be thinking, "How is it that Mesa 2 is so cool, yet only OS/2 users use something like it?" Well, that's not really the case. P&L Systems in the United Kingdom sells Mesa for MacOS X Server and Mesa for NeXTSTEP.

Athena Design, which was the former home of Mesa 2 for OS/2, has released the Integer Spreadsheet Component for Java. It's designed for Java developers to embed in their own projects.

--Michael Semon