Finnish Logic Game

latest revision: September 18, 1999


This is a game that I wrote for my girlfriend. The game may or may not be from Finland. I don't know for sure. It is "Finnish Logic Game" because the person who taught it to my girlfriend was from Finland. When my girlfriend came home from California, she expected me to solve the game with computer programming. I had to learn how to play the game before that, and Mesa 2 and MScript was my place to do it.

Getting the Game

You can get the Mesa 2 2.1.6 version of the game here. There are two versions of the game in the Zip file. One is my "regular" version. The other is my "Bob Babcock Tribute" version, which calls external REXX scripts to make most of the moves.

Also, I have a Mesa 2 2.2 version of this game. You can download it here (10 kB, includes Game toolbar). As with the version for Mesa 2 2.1.6, you won't need to read the rest of this page if you download the game. The Help tab has been included with the game. This file was revised on November 30, and it includes a correction so you can make games that go beyond Column Z if you wish.

Rules and Object of the Game

The object of the game is to press the arrow buttons on the keypad next to the playing board until you get to 100. To start a new game, click in the cell where you want to start, then press the "1" button. This will clear the board and place a "1" where you made the selection. Your moves are determined by the buttons:

  1. Diagonal buttons diagonally skip a space and increase the number by one.
  2. Up/down/left/right buttons skip two spaces up/down/left/right and increase the number by one.
  3. The "N" button clears the board and resets its format.
  4. The "1" button clears the board, resets its format, and places a "1" in the last place that was selected.
  5. The "U" button is the Undo button. It's not very smart. It looks at the number in the selected cell, then it looks for a number that is one less than that. You can use it to get all the way back to the beginning if you didn't cheat :)

There is a Solution

If you get totally stumped and don't think there's a solution to this game, then Ctrl-click on the "Sol" tab. No, I didn't solve it myself. It was solved with a Fortran 90 program on its 552,865,241st attempt. My first solution took only five million tries (from position 2,8), but it is much more difficult for my program to solve the game from starting in the corners. My high score is 98. If you get a solution that isn't my solution, please send the workbook to me! I'll be quite proud of you.

That's about all! Enjoy it, and let me know what you think of it.

--Michael Semon