Simple Math AddIn DLL

Version 0.1.6, updated July 27, 1998

This is my set of custom spreadsheet functions. I'm working on a new version in C++ and have added a Makefile to the old version in the meantime. Stay tuned...

Included in the DLL are a few functions you know and love... well as some custom functions:

You can get the AddIn DLL here. You will need the emx runtime to use it. If you feel like compiling it yourself, visit J. Daniel Kulp's home page to pick up the Mesa 2 AddIn Object Kit.

Starting with version 0.1.4, I've added almost all of Mesa 2's forgiveness to the functions. If you've tried my functions in the past, these functions will seem much less temperamental than my early functions. Also, 0.1.6 fixes a bug in BASEDATE.

Give it a try and let me know what you think of it. Comments, suggestions, technical assistance, and algorithms are welcome. This is an open-source-code project.