My Worksheets

latest revision: August 26, 1999

This is a collection of my script-heavy Mesa 2 workbooks. Some of them are general-purpose scripts, while others serve a specific need. There's even a game for you. Enjoy!

Query Assistant for Mesa 2 2.2

This is a DBExpert example program. Its purpose is to get the data from a Mesa 2 selection so DBExpert can store/tweak/query it.

In case you use a different REXX-enabled database, the DBExpert macro that imports the data is on this page. If you know REXX, it will be easy to find the relevant code.

Internet Time Log Worksheet for Mesa 2 2.2

This is a workbook to keep track of Internet usage. I've learned that keeps track of my time in its Account Center, at a two-day delay. The original purpose behind this sheet is gone, but it's still a nice sheet.

A Mesa-2-to-ASCII-Table Export Filter for Mesa 2

This script exports a selection to a plain-text file, as one of those cool text-art tables I sometimes see in Readme files. I like it, and maybe you'll give me some input on it. The above link is for the Mesa 2 2.2 version. If you want the version for Mesa 2 2.1.6, then click here.

Michael's globals.m2 Workbook

This is my global script workbook for Mesa 2 2.2. It has formatting scripts, formula scripts, and an interactive version of my page copy script. It comes with its own toolbar so you can see how script buttons and regular Mesa 2 buttons can be mixed. It's zipped as a 11 kB zip file.

Finnish Logic Game

This is a nice example of MScript, which is the REXX-based macro language used by Mesa 2. It's a game I wrote in Mesa 2 because my girlfriend wanted me to solve the game. I made a decent game in the process. I have a revised version (as of November 30) for Mesa 2 2.2.

Checkerboard Pattern Workbook for Mesa 2 2.2

This is a workbook that generates checkerboard patterns, vertical stripes, or horizontal stripes for your Mesa 2 tables. It's a template in a 12 kB zip file. Stick it in your templates folder and use it as a throw-away workbook as it helps you with larger projects. Note: It has an @RUNSCRIPT function in cell K11. Don't be surprised if two or three cells change after you change a number.

Checkerboard Pattern Workbook for Mesa 2 2.1.6

This is the same as the version for Mesa 2 2.2, except that it was ruthlessly hacked so it would work in 2.1.6. It seems to work very well, though, so I hope you'll try it. It's zipped in a 6kB zip file.

Layer Duplicator for Mesa 2 2.2

Did you ever want to make Layer B an exact copy of Layer A, including the size of the layer? This is a workbook with a script that will let you do just that, sans graphics. It's enabled by default to duplicate just the layer size, the size of the rows, and the size of the columns. I tried to make this one flexible enough to place in your globals.m2 file, so there are plenty of variables that you can change to fit your needs. It's zipped in a 2 kB zip file.

Tables Workbook for Mesa 2 2.2

This contains a script for making two kinds of tables. One kind is a "formula table." By default, it's a multiplication table, but you can easily make it a sqrt(x^2+y^2) table if you wish. The other kind of table sets up the beginning of a logic table, so finishing it is a matter of simple formulas, SmartFill Down, and running a True/False formatting script. It's zipped in a 6 kB zip file.

Matrix Fill for Mesa 2 2.1.6

Mesa 2 2.2 has a function called SmartFill Matrix, which is handy for referring to elements of a matrix. My workbook isn't as handy or as fast as SmartFill Matrix, but it can save you a few minutes of entering formulas like =ELEMENT(mymatrix,2,3). It has been zipped into a 1.8 kB zip file.

REXX Beep Workshop

Did you ever want to add that special series of speaker beeps to the end of your favorite REXX scripts, but you didn't want to figure out which numbers to use? This is a worksheet that will help you figure out these notes, test them, and put them on the OS/2 Clipboard as classic REXX code. It works on Mesa 2 versions 2.1.6 and 2.2, and it has been zipped into a 5.5 kB zip file.

Features: Determine frequencies of notes on a chromatic scale, test piece, raise/lower tempo of piece by 10% increments, raise/lower piece by one-octave increments, paste to layer and OS/2 Clipboard as classic REXX code, and change the base pitch for finding single notes. In this new version, I've added rests, meaningful tempo indicators, note divisions, and a glossary of terms to it.

Pattern Map for Mesa 2 2.2

Here is a selection of patterns from Mesa 2's Pattern Palette. I added a splash of color to them and added some border samples. Maybe it will be something to copy and paste into your own Mesa 2 workbooks. It's 9.5 kB, zipped.