My Friends' Worksheets

latest revsion: August 24, 1999

Export LaTeX Table

Rolf Lochbühler wrote a script to export data from Mesa 2 to a LaTeX table. This is cool. I've used Mesa 2 and LaTeX together for college work, but not quite in this way.

In case you don't know about LaTeX, it's a typesetting language by Donald Knuth. Its strength is mathematical typesetting, making every equation look like it came out of a math book.

emTeX is a version of LaTeX for OS/2. You can get emTeX here.


Dwight Scott Miller used REXX to bring data from Trevor Hemsley's Time Tracker to Mesa 2. This makes a nice graph to present to the boss. Please read the READ.ME file after you unzip it, then look at SUMTIM.CMD to change the directories for your installation.

Number to Text Example

J. Daniel Kulp sent me this file because it does something cool: It translates a number like 565.63 to "Five hundred sixty five and 63/100." It works very well, and it's a great example of creating custom spreadsheet functions with REXX.

J. Daniel Kulp's CSV Export Script

J. Daniel Kulp sent this file to me as a housewarming gift. It's a blank workbook with a nice Mesa 2 script in it. The script's job is to take a selected range and export it to a comma-delimited plain text file. It's a great example of REXX as well as MScript--Dan even sets the file's extended attributes for you--and the formatting and commenting on it are slick.

Judith's Grade Sheet for Mesa 2

Judith Russell made a very nice grade sheet for her AP high school classes. It has been souped up with some of my MScript touches, such as color grade highlighting and sorting. There are quite a few grades in this workbook, so you can see how it works. However, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. It's zipped into a 39 kB zip file.

Jim Larson's Mesa 2 FEED Page

Mesa 2 is capable of real-time feeds. This means another program can feed information into a Mesa 2 spreadsheet. Jim provides an example in REXX. Also, he demonstrates POSTMESACOMMAND, which is an extra way to feed information to the Mesa 2 2.2.

Bob Babcock's Mesa Check

This is a series of REXX scripts and a Mesa 2 workbook. They combine to make a Mesa 2 checkbook. It has very nice features: It can include checks in the tax process, and it can help you keep track of the bank's record of your checkbook balance! It can format a new year's page and transfer last year's balance to it. It requires VREXX (IBM Employee-Written Software), and Bob provides a link to VREXX. I think Mesa Check is worth the download and setup of VREXX. There are versions here for Mesa 2 2.1.6 and Mesa 2 2.2.